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Porto Welcomes EMA

"There is no institutional script to this storytelling; Rather, the voices of citizens from Porto, some native some adopted, spotlight the quality of life of a city that is prepared to host EMA.

 The city is a source for talented professionals in various domains. Also, the multilingualism, the good mobility, both domestic and international, the middens and engravings of Porto's landscape, the stunning views of both river and sea lead to considering that "this Porto  is a port!""

Visit the application website here.

ema in porto

REVIVE - Restoration, Heritage and Tourism

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State heritage properties are a very important part of the historical, cultural and social identity of a country, and make a rich and distinctive contribution to the attractiveness of a region and the development of tourism. It is therefore crucial to ensure that they are preserved, valued and publicised, and that they are made more widely accessible.

In view of the renovation and use of this cultural and historical heritage throughout the country, and its transformation into a national economic asset, the Government has launched the ‘Revive’ project. This will open up properties to private investment to develop them as tourist attractions through public tendering.

The aim of this initiative is to promote and facilitate profitability and preserve vacant public property, making it suitable for tourism-oriented economic activity, to generate wealth and jobs, enhance the attractiveness of regional destinations, devolve demand and develop various regions of the country.

The recuperation of assets which respects architectural, cultural, social and environmental values is another cornerstone of the REVIVE Project. The whole project is overseen by a technical team comprised of representatives from the Department of Cultural Heritage, the Department of Treasury and Finance, and the Portuguese Tourist Board, with the involvement of the local municipalities in which the properties are located. Tendering helps safeguard listed properties and the type of use appropriate to the development needs of each region.

The project also promotes the launch of specific financial instruments designed to leverage private investment.

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2518 AD Den Haag

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haia@mne.pt (Embassy)


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